Do you need a light and sound equipment for your next event?

FLS events is a young team specialised in light and sound set-ups
for different types of events : conferences, concerts, parties and shows.

Our activities


You have an important guest speaking at your conference but do not have the necessary equipment for him/her to be properly heard? With our conference offer we not only provide you with the equipment you need, but we also ensure its handling during the whole event.


You are the leader of a band, or you conduct a choir and you room is not equipped with the material you need to perform? With our concert offer we provide you with a full light and sound set-up and if necessary, our technicians will be present during the whole event to ensure a perfect light and sound experience.


You want to organize a birthday party or a rock class? With our party offer we provide you with a full sound and light set-up for your event, as well as a DJ to handle it. You are preparing a ball? Here as well, we can help you.


Your theatrical group performs in a hall that is not properly equipped? With our show offer we provide you with equipment adapted to your needs, as well as a technician who will handle it during the performance. You have a fully equipped hall but no technician to handle the equipment? In this case as well, we can help you.

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